Friday, December 18, 2009

Clayton Responses

Remember Clayton's non-alcoholic beverage that supposedly tasted like Scotch in the same kind of way that McDonalds tastes like a hamburger? The marketing slogan was that it was the drink you had when you were not having a drink.

Have you ever received one of those Clayton email responses from fruit cakes who like nothing more than to hear themselves talk, eh, see and read their pixels of drivel on the screen?

The type of emails I mean usually start with some superficially polite comment like

'Hi, how are you?'

... Yeh! Right! As if you could really give a shit you hypocritical S.O.B! ... or is this comment tainted by the fact that I spent a couple of years in New York?

What usually follows is some version of the following:

"Whilst your email doesn't actually warrant any kind of response beyond that of simple acknowledgment of its receipt,..."  .... I am going to make a complete hypocritical dickhead out of myself and respond anyway.

I am convinced that more than half of these people are heavily medicated and keep forgetting to take their pills, and the rest are on the tail end of a continuous all night bender, or both.

If you were truly not interested you would uphold your honour and not respond instead of acting like a complete and utter twat about it. Let's face it. This type of email among respectable people is seen for what it is, a total f@(& off statement and we treat it as such. In the deluded and confrontational mind of the sender they are probably secretly hoping that there will be a response so that they can continue to seek the moral high ground of their diatribe. Alas, seek as much as they will the will never achieve it. Very little is impossible in this world, but that such people should ever achieve moral high ground in any conversation until they curb their ways (in which case they would no longer be such people) is one of those few impossibilities.

The quality of our lives is indeed determined by the way respond to any given circumstance. The time between an event and our response to it determines how we perceive ourselves and as a result how the world will be given the opportunity to perceive us. So next time you might be tempted to respond to an email that you consider doesn't warrant a response..... DON'T!!!!!!!!!

Be awesome!! .... Not an asshole!!

Make your day exceptional!!


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