Sunday, November 8, 2009

Too much communication, not enough connection!!

We build big networks without ever really knowing the people in them!

We subscribe to each others blogs but rarely read them, we read each others tweets ... or not!

We subscribe to each others mailing lists and auto-filter them into archive oblivion in a folder we never open again or they are simply trashed!

We instant message each other and play IM ping pong, or leave voicemails for each other in a game of phone tag!

Sometimes we talk, but rarely if ever do both people in the conversation have a desire to listen, absorb, and contemplate how they can contribute to the other person. Quite often at least one participant has the dominant desire to explain everything there is to know about what is important to them, and they do so in the most minute detail until they achieve information overload.

As a society, in both business and personal affairs, we have reached a noise to level ratio that is communication overload, and it is time we start to understand that less is more. If you want to make a difference in your own life and the life of others, don't communicate ***at*** each other, ***connect with*** each other.

As my good friend Paul Dunn says, we need less communication and more connection. When we connect with people we create action, and through action we gain traction, which in turn leads to attraction.

For those who don't know Paul, he is truly an awesome bloke and deservedly the recipient of the nickname the Wizard of Wow! If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, connect with Paul and find out for yourself. Paul is the chairman and co-founder of Buy1 Give1 Free ( so he is really easy to find. B1G1 is an example of how when people connect they can create great things. B1G1 connects people who have a desire to contribute in a meaningful way, directly with people who are less privileged and who, with literally the change you might pick up off the street, can benefit in ways that seem surreal to people like you and I.

Did you know that for USD$0.01 you can give a child clean drinking water for a day or for US$12 you can give a family in Kenya a goat that will help them to earn an income for a year?

This is crazy stuff!!!

B1G1 takes nothing out of the donations and 100% of the money donated goes straight to the charity. Most of the time you would be lucky if 40% of your donation made it to the charity but B1G1 is different. VERY different!

Also, the B1G1 system is based on either transactional based donations or impact based donations. That is to say, donations are directly related to the sale of one or more of your products or services. Imagine the impact when you sell a cup of coffee for $3.50 and donate $0.01 or $0.10 or more to provide 1, 10, or more children with clean drinking water for a day for every cup of coffee you sell. Imagine the difference you can make if you have a hotel, and for every room night you sell you provide a person with a roof over their head for several months, or if you sell sunglasses or prescription glasses, or televisions or digital cameras and with every purchase you give a child the gift of proper vision.

Alternatively you might simply elect to donate a lump sum for the purpose of contributing to a specific activity that will impact the life/lives of a person, group, or community, for example building a school, community centre, providing education, food, water, shelter.

Irrespective of whether you prefer to use transaction based donations or impact based donations, using B1G1 you are creating a direct connection between the sale of your products or services and the betterment of people less privileged.

In a few weeks I am proudly co-hosting a webinar with Paul to assist people in understanding how, through connecting their products and/or services to a worthy cause, they can leverage the B1G1 system as an awesome marketing tool for their own business and at the same time make a significant contribution to improving the world and it's economy, one child, one family, and one community, at a time.

When I last spoke to Paul a couple of days ago, he said to me, "Paul, we don't care how much people give, so long as they give.". Remember givers receive, so join Paul and the other great giving companies that have joined B1G1. Be someone that gives.

When we communicate ***at*** each other we achieve little more than a dry mouth, or RSI in the wrist, and a headache from the noise. It is far greater and abundantly more effective to connect, take action, create something through your connectivity and contribution, and then leave OTHERS to communicate ***about*** what you have done as they are inspired by you and what you have helped achieve.

Be awesome, and help some one feel the same way today.

All the best,


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