Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freedom suffers thanks to closet sex workers

Every time some out of control judge or politician (let's face it that's most of them) takes it upon them self to make a pathetic ruling or push through some ridiculous legislation, our freedom is reduced a little more. Regrettably this happens hundreds of times every day; even more regrettable is that we rarely hear about it until we need to defend our rights in the same legal arena of lunacy that creates the problem.

A recent ruling in Victoria demonstrates again clearly that all legal professionals really are just glorified sex workers in the closet; they screw everybody indiscriminately and hide behind a veil of self-fulfilling legal protection. If they had any guts whatsoever they step out into the real world and contribute something good and creative to the community instead of pontificating from their pulpits and dressing in robes to mask their insecurity; but like Linus holding on to his blanket, their shortcomings are abundantly obvious.

Erin Maitland of the Three Sisters travel company wanted to create a women only tour company, catering only to women. And why not? I say!! The masons are men only, Fernwood fitness centres are women only, the Amazons are women only and undoubtedly there are many other examples of groups, organisations, and businesses that are specific to one gender or the other. In the ruling against Erin Maitland and her Three Sisters company, the judge (Let's call it 'Voldermord', i.e. the one who must not be named lest they come after me for some ridiculous reason) refused to grant an exemption to the Equal Opportunity Act, ruling that Ms Maitland had not proved it was reasonable or necessary. Seriously!! Reasonable or necessary to have an exemption to the Equal Opportunity Act. Why in God's name should one need an exemption anyway for this??? GET REAL!!!

One might think that the judge was some woman hating male chauvinist. But no it was a member of the sorority, a sister in arms. So what is the motivation? Does this person simply want to prove that she can measure herself with the men? Is she so insecure, more so than the average legal professional, that she doesn't have the chutzpah to allow common sense to prevail (not that there has ever been much common sense or reason or logic to be found in the legal community anyway)? Or is she just trying to make an even bigger name for herself? 

Ether way, this decision is another classic example of legal lunacy. As Australians, and simply decent members of this and global society, we have a right and indeed a responsibility to ensure that this type of madness is halted.

Recently the economies of the world have been re-aligned. Thankfully someone hit the reset button. I suggest it is now time that we hit the reset button on the legal community before they lead us into total annihilation. 

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