Friday, July 17, 2009

Productise Your Knowledge: Business Hell to Business Heaven - Free Networking Breakfast

This is a personal recommendation without any commercial interest beyond seeing more people gain the benefit of Leela's Skills and Experience.

Take this opportunity to find out how to productise your skills and create additional income for you and your family.

You have invested many years to become good at what you do. You help others every day by passing on what you know. Is it worth the investment of a few hours of your time next week Saturday 25th July to find out how Leela can help you take what you know and create a new stream of income by helping others to learn what you know?

If you are in Sydney on Saturday 25th July, invest a few hours and register for this amazing event. Breakfast is included compliments of Leela.

Places are limited! Book your seat NOW!

Business Hell to Business Heaven

Still Seeking Lifestyle Business Breakthrough
and Financial Freedom Salvation?

At the Over-Your-Business Bootcamp
we'll teach you the twin secrets of
Productisation and Systemisation
so you can put $100k
in your business
in 12 months
working no more than 2 hours a day

Over 3 days, the Over Your Business Bootcamp will show you how to use the twin skills of Productisation and Systemisation to create $100,000 income in your business over the next 12 months while working no more than 2 hours a day. This isn't MLM or network marketing - we will take the business you have NOW and reincarnate it into something that pays you while you do what you love!

Join us for a FREE networking breakfast and 3 hour preview, during which we will cover the 7 DEADLY BUSINESS SINS. Are you committing the sin of Business Lust? Of Business Sloth? Of Business Wrath? Do penance and break free from your sins! Hallelujah!

Places are limited! Book your seat NOW!

About Leela Cosgrove & Business Writers Anonymous

Business Writers Anonymous is Australia's #1 Intellectual Property Development Company, built on a solid foundation of sales and marketing expertise, multi award winning creative writing and a unique understanding of the needs of the speaking, coaching and business development industry, BWA takes your fixer-upper Intellectual Property and renovates it into a luxury home, penthouse or mansion that will make you $$$'s while you sleep.

Business Writers Anonymous was formed in 2009 by Leela Cosgrove. After 5 years spent creating Information Products for some of the biggest names in the Personal and Professional Development industry in Australia, Leela realised that there was a hole in the market - it was one thing for those who had already 'made it' to be creating Information Products, but those starting out were struggling to understand and afford this crucial element of their business. She formed BWA to ensure that people at all stages of their business had access to the same ideas and product development skills that the Big Names use.

BWA works with a stable of 20 writers, many of whom have won awards for their creative writing skills and have now turned their hand to providing businesses with something that is sorely lacking - interesting, innovative, information that moves people to take action.

Working exclusively with the speaking, coaching and business development industry, Business Writers Anonymous have a unique blend of business focused writing with a distinctively creative edge and a very strong sales and marketing background, allowing for explosive results for their clients.

Where most writers focus on ensuring your spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct, we focus on results, on the clients beating down your door, on the cash flowing into your bank account. Business Writers Anonymous will show you how to turn your information into dollars while leveraging your time so that you can STOP working for money and set money to work for you.

Secure your place NOW!

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