Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello World - Plotting a Course to New Blue Oceans

The purpose of this blog and the associated Blue Oceans Newsletter is to assist others who seek to become leaders of their life, family, business, or their company, or to improve their existing leadership skills in any or all of these same areas.

This blog represents a journey I embarked on some 42 years ago. It is a journey that has lead me from one corner of the globe to another and back again several times. Along the way I have met some truly ‘great ‘ people; I have also met my fair share of scoundrels, and continue to do so; both the good and bad that is. From each I have learnt something, and through that have gained some invaluable knowledge to be able to pass on to and help educate others. I consider this to be one of the intended purposes of my life.

Some people embark on a journey with a clear sense of direction and an understanding of how to navigate to their destination in the fastest possible time. I admire these people for their clarity, focus, and achievements. At the same time I am grateful for the experiences I have gained through taking the more scenic route to success. On occasion through the slums and ghettos of the business world, and at other times through levels of Babylonian luxury that the story belongs on the silver screen.

The content of Blue Oceans will be varied and offer a broad range of information and insights. Very similar to my own journey thus far. The key difference though is that this blog has a clear focus on leadership, and on creating massive new opportunities in untapped areas for you and those within your circle of influence. Opportunities on which to build a better life, and to build wealth through contribution and service.

I will not spell strategies out for you, these you must come up with yourself, otherwise you would simply be executing what I think and what I do. Apart from the obvious, the risk is that we would start to create a bloodied red ocean of competition, well before its time. Instead you should be creating unique opportunities that match your skills, talents, and experience to uncover new blue oceans of untapped wealth that underscore your purpose on this earth.

If you find value in this blog I am happy, and hope you will return often, and bring your friends. If you feel you have something valuable to add for the entire readership, I encourage you to contribute. If you have any comments, compliments, or criticisms, I would be grateful to hear from you.

Until soon.


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